Diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems are ever-changing technologies, over the past decade, numerous emission standards and engineering achievements have come together to provide some of the most advanced diesel engine designs.

The changes include stringent specifications, finer tolerances and the acceptance of alternative forms of fuels such as biodiesels. Fuel filter performance and technology have also been challenged by these rapid advancements, Donaldson engineers have proven to be up to this challenge through continual research and development and the advancement of media technologies.

Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency. Donaldson manufactures a comprehensive range of spin-on, cartridge and fuel/water separator filters for diesel engines.

Fuel Filtration for Cummins® QSK Engines

Better Fuel Filtration is Key for Modern Fuel Systems

On-engine fuel filters are your last chance to remove contaminant from your fuel system. It’s key that your filters remove – and retain – as much contaminant as possible in all types of operating conditions.

Donaldson Fuel filters with SynteqXP media technology provide premium protection for your QSK engine fuel system. They offer better contaminant removal and better contaminant retention under the dynamic operating conditions that your engines and equipment experience every day.

Primary Fuel Filters

These large capacity filters are often positioned on the suction side of the pump. They remove water and other contaminants from the fuel system before it gets to the pump.

Secondary Fuel Filters

Secondary fuel filters designed to endure higher pressures than the primary filter. A secondary filter is applied on the pressure side of the pump. It provides high efficiency particulate filtration and is used to removed emulsified water in some systems.

Fuel/Water Separators

Our durable fuel filter/water separators trap contaminants carried in the fuel and strip away water that can damage your engine.

Liquid Filter Maintenance Kits

Pre-assembled kits containing Fuel & Lube filters for specific vehicles or engines make servicing, storing and ordering easy.