Contamination and water are the enemies of fuels and lubricants, robbing vehicles and equipment of performance and longevity. The Donaldson Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions product range incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to clean, protect and polish your fuels and oils prior to use in vehicles and equipment.

Bulk filtration is intended to provide your equipment with the cleanest possible fluids:

  • Clean – Donaldson single-pass filtration on the inlet reduces the risk of contamination in bulk storage tanks and helps maintain desired cleanliness levels.
  • Protect – T.R.A.P. breathers and Active Reservoir Vents (ARV) products reduce the risk of moisture and airborne contaminants entering bulk storage tanks. Clean dry fluids are less prone to microbial growth and premature degradation.
  • Polish – Aged or poorley maintained infrastructure may be a significant source of contamination. Donaldson dispense point or final filtraiton ensures that targeted ISO cleanliness levels are achieved.

Clean fuel and lube solutions

Bulk assemblies feature parallel flow configurations to reduce pressure drop.

Single pass filtration

Allows you to achieve targeted fluid cleanliness on the inlet side.

Dispensing filters

Are specially designed for point-of-use applications on the outlet side.

Tank Accessories

Control dust and moisture entering bulk storage tanks with the T.R.A.P.™ vent breather and the Active Reservoir Vent™