Gas Turbine Air Filtration Systems from UTE Filtration Solutions

Your Gas Turbine systems may face challenges from hot or cold weather, fog, sand storms, salt-laden air, and/or noise abatement regulations, to name few. Donaldson offers inlet enhancements to help overcome these challenges and keep your turbine producing its optimum output. Donaldson also offers engineered solutions, products and services to convert, modify or upgrade your existing system to achieve your turbine performance objectives.

Air Filtration System Retrofit and Refurbishment

Turbines operate for many years, as do the Donaldson Inlet Air Filtration Systems that protect them from airborne contaminants. As your filter system ages, it may need some refurbishment… or need to be modified for better performance… or converted to a more efficient design. Donaldson has a range of options for Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades to suit your specific needs. Please call us to discuss your next project and we can assist you with finding the best solution for your update.


Inlet Cooling


Cooling the turbine inlet air – even by a few degrees – can increase power output substantially. To accomplish controlled cooling, turbine manufacturers around the world most often choose Donaldson evaporative coolers or chiller coils as enhancements on the inlet air filtration system.

Donaldson D-Fog™ – Fog removal filters

Heavy fog often causes excessively high pressure drop in gas turbine air inlet systems. Now there’s a solution – Donaldson D-Fogª coalescing filters.