Rack Repairs and Installation of Racking Systems

Installation of a racking system is not a layman’s job. The system needs to be assembled exactly in line with the design of that particular system, using the correct grade of parts where it was designed for, assembly patterns adhered to etc.

The system has to be levelled so that it is all on one flat plane which will reduce undue stresses on the system if installed unevenly. Beams have to be in the exact location it was designed to be in for frame structural rigidity. Any changes have to be structurally re-confirmed before a change is made. Finally, the overall system needs to be certified for warranty coverage purposes. UTE, as the authorized supply centre for Dexion, will ensure your investment is safe and secure for years on end.

Racks have to be audited from time to time and any damages due to collisions from warehouse trucks need to be repaired in line with manufacturer recommendations to maintain the safety of the overall system. UTE will carry out these inspections and also the required repairs with new parts as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.