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Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is of paramount importance if you are planning to use your equipment without down time.

Regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance on your product handling systems is a critical requirement of keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency. Unscheduled downtime of these systems can result in production stops, idle employees, late shipments to customers, and significant costs for emergency repairs.  So, yes, most facility managers would agree, maintenance really matters.  And, if you have to ask when the last time your controls, conveyors, and other key system components were inspected and serviced…it’s time.


  • Minimizing the loss of productive time because of equipment failure (i.e. minimizing idle time of equipment due to break down).
  • Minimizing the repair time and repair cost.
  • Minimizing the loss due to production stoppages.
  • Efficient use of maintenance personnel and equipments.
  • Prolonging the life of capital assets by minimizing the rate of wear and tear.
  • To keep all productive assets in good working conditions.
  • To maximize efficiency and economy in production through optimum use of facilities.
  • To minimize accidents through regular inspection and repair of safety devices.
  • To minimize the total maintenance cost which includes the cost of repair, cost of preventive maintenance and inventory carrying costs, due to spare parts inventory.
  • To improve the quality of products and to improve productivity.