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Synchronizing and ATS Panels – UTE MEP Solutions

UTE is capable of designing and manufacturing of tailor made Synchronization panels and ATS panels used to meet power system requirements.

These panels are equipped with functions of both manual and automatic synchronizing. We build panels with monitoring and controlling standby/load management to multi-unit paralleling or utility paralleling installations and they range from 30A to 5000A. They are widely used in CAT and NON – CAT Synchronizing/installation projects.

Paralleling of generators results increase of power capacity, control in load management, ease of maintenance, and redundancy. The process involves the physical connection of two or more electric generators to a common bus, and the synchronization of their outputs. This process is very rigorous when paralleling of CAT and NON CAT generators. However with the solution offered by UTE Engineering, paralleling is not a nightmare.  UTE Engineering is capable of undertaking synchronizing of CAT-CAT or CAT-NON CAT Generators.