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Power Quality Testing

Power quality refers to the reliable delivery of clean electrical energy in a form that enables electrical equipment to operate properly.

Electrical disturbances are accountable for malfunctions, failures, or shut downs and unexpected failures of equipment.

Facilities such as data centers, hospitals and some manufacturing plants are more vulnerable to consequences caused by sags, swells, spikes, surges or other disturbances of the power system. So it is advisable to analyze the power quality of the supplied system.

UTE Engineering is equipped with modern technology of power quality testing. The benefits that you can gain by power quality measurements and analyzing them can include;


  • Avoid untimely outages,
  • Plan for maintenance,
  • System knowledge for future growth and detailed mapping of distribution system.


Our Power Quality Analyzers include ‘gap-less’ measurement, detail of every power cycle is considered during measurement and logging pertaining to the IEC standards. Our test results will be provided with or without Charted Engineer certification to suit customer requirement.