Investing in UTE Solar is the best investment for your business, securing free, renewable energy for the next 25 years.

Plan your Renewable Energy Project in 6 key steps:

1. Do your Investigations
Research your options and gather information
• Share with us – we have the right experience, expertise and technology to assist you

2. Project Site Qualification
Gather all site suitable inputs for construction and installation: i.e. solar irradiation, onsite infrastructure and site conditions
• Share with us – we use industry software to give you guidance

3. Project Planning
In some instances, planning permission is required
• Share with us – UTE can assist in the preparation, submission and monitoring of planning applications to the local electricity provider

4. Project Financing
Conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of the entire project.
• Share with us – we can assist in building a financial model tailored to your specific project. This would include loan re-payment, NPV and ROI calculations as well as project feasibility.

5. Construction
Preparation of the site, Civil works
Assembly and electrical works
• Share with us – we can assist you from technical assistance to turnkey delivery

6. Ongoing
Ongoing operations and maintenance
• Share with us – we provide O&M services and train company staff to conduct regular maintenance