Diesel Powered Cat® Forklifts - DP25-30 - UTE WAREHOUSE SOLUTIONS

Diesel Powered Cat® Forklifts – DP25-30


DP25N3, DP30N3


2.5 – 3.0 tonnes

Power Source:



Load weight indicator including overload indicator; Oil Cooled Wet Disk Brakes with transmission protection; Hook-on and integrated side sifters.




Regardless of the application expectation, these compact engine powered models have deservedly acquired a name synonymous with durability.

The stylish exterior contains a truck built to last. The high air intake, strong fan cooling and enhanced dust filters make these amongst the most dependable vehicles available.

Add proven, ergonomic features such as finger-tip hydraulic controls and you have a tool that will continue to repay your investment over and over again.

Standard Features

  • Inviting operator compartment with excellent all round visibility.
  • Powerful, dependable, easy to service engines with low emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle Control Module manages various truck and operator functions allowing easy troubleshooting and pinpointing of problems.
  • Dual element cyclone air filter with high air intake reducing maintenance.
  • PowerShift transmissions that are easy to operate and service.
  • Hydrostatic steering for increased productivity.
  • LCD displays provide extensive information on truck operation and maintenance state. It also indicates service requirements to prevent unexpected downtime and cost due to unscheduled maintenance and service.
  • Presence Detection System (PDS) prevents truck operation when the operator is not seated.
  • LED lights on the front work lights and front/rear combination lights reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Automotive style brake system, self energising and self adjusting.
  • Double action parking brake with audible alarm.
  • Catalytic converter to further reduce exhaust emissions.