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  • Maintenance of Hydraulic Pumps – 01 Day
  • Hydraulic Troubleshooting – 01 Day

Maintenance of Hydraulic Pumps – 01 Day

Programme Maintenance of Hydraulic Pumps
Duration 01 Day
For Whom Technicians, Site Supervisors,  Engineers, Maintenance Managers
Venue UTE Learning center ,No 683, Negombo Road ,Mabole, Wattala /Customer Location
Description / Scope  This programme provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding of hydraulic pumps associated with mobile hydraulic machinery. This programme will have both classroom theoretical learning and demonstrations at the workshop.
Training Objectives ·         Understand the different applications of hydraulic pumps in different industries.

·          Understand the structure, function of hydraulic pumps

·         Provide an overview Hydraulic pump diagnosis

Hydraulic Troubleshooting – 01 Day

Programme Hydraulic Troubleshooting
Duration 01 Day
For Whom Mechanics, Technicians ,Maintenance Supervisors, Engineers
Venue UTE Learning center ,
Description / Scope This course has been designed to introduce and familiarize service personnel with the Hydraulic Troubleshooting. Topics covered include discussions about what an actual problem is and how to relate this to your machine/system.
Training Objectives ·         How to define the  problem/Symptom effectively

·         Identify  and overcome workplace /personal barriers to effective Troubleshooting & problem solving

·         Carry out performance and diagnostics tests using the correct Troubleshooting and problem solving procedures to find and repair problems most effectively.