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  • Maintenance of Diesel Engine – 01 Day

Maintenance of Diesel Engine – 01 Day

Programme Maintenance of Diesel Engine
Duration 01 Day
For Whom Technicians, Site Supervisors,  Engineers, Maintenance Managers
Venue UTE Learning center
Description / Scope Diesel engine system has differences compared with the petrol engines. Hence understanding systems of engine along with its function is importance for maintenance.
Training Objectives •       Understanding the structure and function of an engine and its main systems

•       Learn how to identify errors codes of an engine and basic troubleshooting

•       Understand proper maintenance practices for a maximum lifetime.

  • Diesel Engine Technology – 02 Days

Diesel Engine Technology – 02 Days

Programme Diesel Engine Technology
Duration 02 Days ( 14 hrs )
For Whom
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Professional Technicians
  • Undergraduates / Fresher


This programme will focus on understanding each component of your diesel engine with their structure and functions. Further, it will give you practical exposure on how to disassemble and assess wear & tear. Eventually, it will lead you to proper engine re-build.

Training Objectives

  • Understand the main system components of a diesel engine and their structure and functions.
  • Learn how to disassemble & assemble of Engine.
  • Learn how to carry out Testing & adjusting of selected components.
Detailed Content
Day 01
  • Occupational Safety
  • Introduction-Explain the functionality of Engine
  • Identify Cooling System Management
  • Identify Lubrication System Management
  • Identify Fuel System,
  • Identify  Air Intake & Exhaust System
  • Identify cylinder block
Day 02
  • Remove Engine Head
  • dismantling cylinder head
  • Injector Pump Remove & Install
  • Remove crank case,
  • dismantle lubrication pump
  • Remove Front cover and learning timing sequence
  • Remove Engine Cam shaft & Measuring
  • Remove Connecting rod, Pistons, Cylinder Liner
  • Measuring cylinder bore, Components, Valve Lifters
  • Removing, measuring & Installation of crankshaft
  • Installation of Pistons, front cover, rear cover & complete engine
  • Injector Pump Timing,
  • Head Installation
  • Setting valve lash
  • Q & A Session