August 6, 2017by admin

Hellibees took part in many events in the last few weeks


The misty hills in Diyatalawa were reverberating to the roar of engines when the Fox Hill Super Cross last April held at the home of the Sri Lanka Military Academy. More than 200 drivers and riders will vie for honours which included few of Hellibees riders and drivers. In addition to the Sri Lanka’s motor racers, few international riders and drivers also could be seen in contest. This was indeed a good exposure for our members.

Hellibees joined hands with Kawasaki since May 2017. We warmly welcome them aboard! Manager sales- Japan, Naoki Kawaguchi and Ranjith from Kawasaki Sri Lanka with team Hellibees at Pannala.

Hellibees family got fortified in the last few months with deft young blood. In our endeavour to develop the sport we have with us on specific events and rider development Ishan Dassanayake, 19 year old Jin Liyanage & 15 year old Bhanuka Rathnayake.

Ishan Dassanayaka is a MX 250 and 125cc motorcross champion, and will be also including a few surprise events to his repertoire soon. He took wing to the Philippines on 6th June 2017 for the Asian round of the MX 250.

Jin will be initially seen in his pet motorcross events. Many other events will follow. He is a young talented rider undergoing rigorous training currently. We love his disciplined nature and we warmly welcome him to the group.

Together with the Hellibees family we believe he is a rider that will reach his full potential in the near future.

Bhanuka Rathnayake is currently an oarsman (sculler) of the S. Thomas College rowing team. Bhanuka together with Nisala and a few more young racers will come under the Hellibees training program.

We welcome all of them to the family!