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Construction Equipment

We are the pioneers in the construction and earth moving equipment business in Sri Lanka. UTE first represented Caterpillar products in Sri Lanka in 1947 and played a major role in many of the development activities prior to our country’s independence. We take pride in being the only specialist distributor in Sri Lanka that can meet your requirements of heavy machinery for construction.


  • Power Generation
  • Solar Power
  • Energy Storage
  • Cat Rental
  • Preowned Equipment
  • Product Support

Power Generation

At United Tractors, our business is to assist you in powering yours. Our Cat & Olympian range of generators provide reliable energy solutions no matter what business you’re in or whatever your needs.

Irrespective of the capacity or specialization you demand, United Tractors is geared to meet your needs. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers will evaluate the best possible solution for you and will go that extra mile to serve you.

We are backed by the best in the business; Caterpillar, the world leader in power generators and engines.


Solar Power

Factory-rated power doesn’t always equate to performance in the field. Cat Solar’s Thin Film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic (PV) modules generate more energy for you with a module designed to deliver up to 8 percent more energy in real world conditions.

Get superior efficiency, higher energy yield, and long-term reliability from an affordable, field proven module. Thin Film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic (PV) technology continues to set performance records in both research and real world environments. The 16% thin film module efficiency is the best in thin film modules and the innovative design and quality construction pass the industry’s most rigorous protocols.


Energy Storage

The Cat energy storage system provides reliable, long-duration uninterruptible power for Telecom BTS and microwave backhaul operations. The energy storage system features long life cycle characteristics.


Cat Rental

No more idle time! No more idle capacity! No more maintenance hassle! Now, you can focus on your core competencies; manage costs and the inherent risks of business. Rental is an alternative that helps you in more ways than one.  We offer competitive rental rates, and every piece of equipment is rigorously maintained and checked before it goes out to the job site.


Preowned Equipment

High-quality machines, power generators & material handling equipment largely sourced from Caterpillar dealers and maintained to Caterpillar standards. Each machine is put through an inspection process before sale by UTE.


Product Support

Our professionals are specialized in providing you with all the support that you need to keep your machinery moving around the clock. We have the most comprehensive range of services to offer in the field of after sales support, that is legendary in Sri Lanka.


Selection of right Construction Equipment for your Project