320D2 (2017) - UTE CAT

UTE Cat Excavators 320D2 2017

UTE Cat Excavators 320D2 2017

The 320D2/D2 L is configured for heavy construction, and it will deliver great fuel savings and productivity in truck loading, trenching and lifting.






Engine Model Cat C7.1
Net Flywheel Power 106.0 kW
Bore 105.0 mm
Stroke 135.0 mm
Displacement 7.01 L
Engine Power – ISO 14396 112.5 kW
Net Power – SAE J1349 106.0 kW
Emissions The 320D2/D2 L meets Tier 2, Stage II equivalent emission standards.
Note Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler and alternator.
Note The altitude capability (without aid) of 320D2/D2 L is up to 4000 m (13,123 ft) with natural power derate above sea level.
Note Power rating at 1,800 rpm.
Engine RPM – Operation 1700.0 rpm
Engine RPM – Travel 1800.0 rpm


Operating Weight 22300.0 kg
Standard Undercarriage – Maximum Operating Weight* 21700.0 kg
Standard Undercarriage – Minimum Operating Weight** 21200.0 kg
Note *R5.7 (18’8″) HD Reach Boom, R2.9 (9’6″) B1 HD Reach stick, HD 1.4 m3 (1.83 yd3) bucket and 790 mm (31″) TG shoes.
Note **R5.7 (18’8″) HD Reach Boom, R2.5 (8’2″) B1 HD Reach stick, HD 1.4 m3 (1.83 yd3) bucket and 600 mm (24″) shoes.
Long Undercarriage – Maximum Operating Weight* 22300.0 kg
Long Undercarriage – Minimum Operating Weight** 21700.0 kg

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 410.0 L
Cooling System 25.0 L
Engine Oil 22.0 L
Swing Drive 8.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 138.0 L
Final Drive 8.0 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank) 260.0 L

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 10.9 rpm
Maximum Swing Torque 71.0 kN·m


Maximum Drawbar Pull 205.0 kN
Maximum Travel Speed – High 5.4 km/h
Maximum Gradeability 35°/70%

Hydraulic System

Main System – Maximum Flow (Total) 404.0 L/min
Maximum Pressure – Equipment 35.0 MPa
Maximum Pressure – Swing 25.0 MPa
Maximum Pressure – Travel 35.0 MPa

Sound Performance

ISO 6395 (External) 102.0 dB(A)
ISO 6396 (Inside Cab) 72.0 dB(A)
Note When properly installed and maintained, the cab offered by Caterpillar, when tested with doors and windows closed according to ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98, meets the requirements for operator sound exposure limits in effect at time of manufacture.
Note Hearing protection may be needed when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in a noisy environment.


Brakes ISO 10265:2008
Cab/FOGS SAE J1356 MAR2013. ISO 10262:1998

Working Ranges: HD Reach Boom 5.7 m (18’8″); R2.9 (9’6″) B1 HD Stick

Bucket Tip Radius 1560.0 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 6720.0 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Line 9890.0 mm
Maximum Loading Height 6490.0 mm

Working Ranges: HD Reach Boom 5.7 m (18’8″); R2.5 (8’2″) B1 HD Stick

Bucket Tip Radius 1560.0 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 6300.0 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Line 9470.0 mm
Maximum Loading Height 6290.0 mm

Working Ranges: Super Long Reach Boom 8.85 m (29’0″); Super Long Reach Stick 6.28 m (20’7″)

Bucket Tip Radius 1230.0 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 11880.0 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Line 15730.0 mm
Maximum Loading Height 11010.0 mm



  • The Cat® C7.1 mechanically controlled engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II equivalent emission standards.
  • The low-pressure fuel system allows the engine to be more robust in areas with low-quality fuel.
  • The high-efficiency main pump delivers superior power for best-in-class performance.
  • Economy mode burns less fuel than the previous generation 320D2/D2 L with no loss in lift or dig force.
  • The variable-speed fan with viscous clutch reduces fuel consumption.


  • Utility and finishing work are fast and flawless with Cat buckets, thumbs, and compactors.
  • Demolition work is quick and easy with Cat hammers, grapples, shears, and multi-processors.
  • Cat couplers let you swap between attachments in seconds without leaving the cab.
  • See the whole money-making attachment lineup at www.cat.com/attachments.


  • The hydraulic activation lever safely locks out all hydraulic functions.
  • Anti‐skid plating and countersunk bolts reduce slipping in severe conditions and during routine checks.
  • A full-length firewall separates the pump compartment from the engine.
  • A ground-level fuel cutoff switch shuts down the engine in an emergency.


  • The modified X-frame structure provides long life and durability.
  • Heavy-duty booms and sticks are built for tough work.
  • Greased track link between pins and bushings increases undercarriage life and reduces noise.

Ease of Operation

  • The cab is ergonomically designed with easy-to-operate controls.
  • Multiple seat and joystick adjustment options enhance comfort.
  • Excellent work site visibility from the cab enhances productivity and safety.
  • Optimized low-effort joystick controls reduce operator fatigue.


  • Most service locations can be accessed at ground level.
  • The number of fuel filters are reduced from four to two with 500 hour service intervals to lower operational cost.
  • Filters are grouped together to reduce maintenance time.
  • Pressure taps and S·O·SSM ports help maximize uptime.


  • Integrated Cat technology solutions increase production and minimize operating costs.
  • Product Link™ reports key information from the machine to any location.

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UTE handed over the Biggest Excavator in Sri Lanka, the Cat 6020B to the Colombo Port City Project.