Asset tracking

Thanks to the asset tracking service, you can receive remote access to the location of your assets and, when applicable, the hours they were in use. This service helps you to track your activity across multiple sites and ensure accurate record keeping.


  1. The telematics device (Product Link) collects fleet location and utilization data
  2. Log in to www.myvisionlink.com and check your site asset locations, utilization & fault codes per location

Fleet Benchmarking Report
Compare Performance

An easy-to-read, monthly report shares health and utilization KPIs for your assets and compares them to similar assets operating in your region.


  1. The telematics device (Product Link) collects fleet data
  2. Caterpillar generates a monthly report based on hours, fuel and fault code data
  3. The fleet benchmarking report unlocks and compares regional fleet data

Selection of right Construction Equipment for your Project