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Oil Free Screw Compressor (15Kw – 120Kw)

Oil Free Screw Compressor (15Kw – 120Kw)

100% Oil Free and Lubricated by Water.

ZW Series Air Compressors provide clean, quality 100% Oil Free Compressed Air by applying Water Lubrication method for Compression process.

High Reliability – FS has undergone practical operating for over 30 years. All of its Air Quality. Power saving and high reliability features have turned out to be state of the art of design and performance.

Dry Air – Lubricant Water has low Viscosity, which enables water and air to separate easily.

Environmental Friendly – Proper materials and treatment are applied to the Air Compressor and other fittings to prevent corrosion.

Near Isothermal Compression – Thermal Energy and water film arising from the compressed air cooled by the Lubricant water that has been injected in to the compressor chamber, seals up rotor gaps to prevent air back flow. The ideal Isothermal Compression thus achieves optimum Efficiency.

Low noise Design – The Installation of an additional set of new-type soundproof enclosures reduces noise.

Applications: Food Industry, Textile Industry, Air Blowing, Bacteria Culturing, Chemical Analysis, Drying, Petrochemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Steel & High-Tech Industry, Electronics