Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the best engineering solutions provider in all the markets that we serve

Our Mission

To work side by side with our customers ensuring added value, providing a world-class customer experience

Our Values

  • We believe in delighting our customers by understanding their needs and providing them with an unparalleled service.
  • We continuously improve the standards of our services and strive for perfection in all our activities
  • We endeavor to establish and maintain leadership in all the markets that we serve

  • We consider it our responsibility to ensure that society are given products and services that would improve the quality of life and reduce the environmental damage
  • We believe that profitability can be sustained by continuous improvement, by being more efficient and effective in our activities and by adapting to change.
  • We believe our human resources as our most valuable asset therefore we motivate and nurture them with continuous training to ensure that their true potential can be reached and be given recognition.
  • We are selective in choosing our suppliers to ensure that we procure a product of highest quality and work together with our suppliers to ensure mutual growth and development

Brand Values

The Journey Continues… Long After the Sale

Machinery provided to a business cannot be sold and forgotten. UTE has proven time and time again that it stands by its work. In the last 6 decades, there are over 50 employees who have reached 25 years of service at UTE. There are also many Cat machines and engines still in service after more than 40 years.

Quality and Integrity

The UTE brand has always stood for quality and integrity, meaning that customers can be sure that they have zero risk when purchasing a product or service. A large and reliable rental fleet has also meant that even before the new equipment arrives, UTE is able to support its customers, in times of need.

Engineering Services to Engineering Solutions

Over the years, the brand position has evolved from Trading and Distributing to Engineering and Consulting. Turnkey solutions are offered, where 100% of the equipment is imported or fabricated by UTE.

One Safe Source

While some organizations send customers from pillar to post to get product support, UTE is able to source parts and has the necessary technical expertise for all of its products.

The Premium Supplier

No doubt about it, unmatched quality and reliability comes at a price. UTE is first choice for engineers in any top company in Sri Lanka.

Quality People and Equal Opportunity

UTE has produced some of the greatest business people in Sri Lanka. Every employee, regardless of pay grade faces final interviews by a shareholder of the company and is hired without prejudice against their race, sex, religion or disabilities.

Juxtaposition of Caterpillar and its Dealers

The UTE logo, which is a combination of United Tractors and CAT shows the unique relationship that Caterpillar has with its dealers worldwide. Though completely separate entities with separate owners, the CAT Dealer is considered an extension of Caterpillar. This relationship means that UTE must live up to the expectations of Caterpillar itself, which is amongst the top 100 brands in the world.