PROMOTION - UTE Engineering

As a B2B brand, promotion has normally been done by direct mailers, exhibitions, personal selling and other targeted forms of advertising. However, shortly after the 1996 power crisis UTE won awards for its mass media advertising with the “Power Cut 2” campaign.

Throughout UTE’s history, its brand ambassadors have been the highly skilled and professional workforce, which have impressed customers of all types and sizes. Larger customers are visited by UTE’s unique Customer Support Engineers, while smaller customers have been rewarded with loyalty cards.

More recently, it was decided to upgrade UTE’s promotional brand image to match the quality of its product support and service. This was done in several ways:

Since 2009 UTE has been the main Sponsor for Construct exhibition which is easily the biggest construction industry trade show in the Country.

UTE’s main supplier, Caterpillar, is in the top 100 brands listed in Fortune magazine. If one were to analyse this list, they would find only a handful of business (B2B) brands. The biggest communicator of this brand is the product itself. Apart from that Caterpillar has tried to project a unique image by maintaining a common look and feel in all its promotions.

Caterpillar has also used a unique way of promoting its brand through clothing. Now it is difficult to say whether the Cat clothing brand is popular because of machines or vice-versa. However these products uniquely complement each other by maintaining their rugged yet appealing looks.